Here we go. All the coolest youth teams in the world.

Copenhagen Goodboys

The first team to sign up for the Copenhagen Lax Cup. It is of course the local boys from Copenhagen Goodboys. The team was formed three years ago and right now they have a 12 man roster, with an age range from 10 to 15. The team has only participated in two tournaments so far, so they are really excited about having home field advantage next year.

Most recently they played Lund and Riga. They lost both games, but don't underestimate them. They've really improved compared to last year, and will be up for some close games in 2020.

Lund Ducks

Our great friends from Lund are ready. They'll have two teams that will be joining the tournament.


It was atually the team from manchester who gave us the idea to host the tournament this year.

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