Become a Sponsor

If you have a business then help us help the kids. This is a great way to help support the sport you love and at the same time promote your business to the future of lacrosse. If you become a sponsor we'll promote your business on social media where each of our posts reaches more than 3.000 europeans interested in lacrose

We are looking for a ball sponsor and sponsors for gear that we can use for a raffle.


Ah.... we don't have any, yet.

Why Copenhagen Lax Cup?

Because we are the good guys. We are in this for the kids and because we love lacrosse. It's that simple. Every cent we earn on this is going straight back to youth lacrosse.

If you sponsor a box of balls we lover the team fee with 50 euro, keeping money where they belong - in the clubs so they have resources to grow the game!