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To register a team you must contact us and that's about it.

If you want to register asa pickup player (a player who would like to join a team) all you need to do is to contact us and we'll help find a team for you and get you in contact with that team.


Why? There is no tournament fee. Copenhagen Lacrosse will take care of the expenses. All you have to do is book fout transportation and find a place to stay.


Hostels are available from around 50 euro.
Here are our reccommendations:

Danhostel Central, big rooms and a nice view over Copenhagen.
WakeUp Copenhagen 3 Locations in Copenhagen. Either really central or close to the train station.
Cabinn 5 locations in Copehnagen. Small rooms, but the price is good.
Steelhouse Copenhagen Central and nice rooms.

When you know where to we'll be happy to help you with instructions on how to get there from the airport and how to buy tickets for public transportation.

You can also try AirBnb.


The rules are not set in stone. We'll adapt to make sure everybody has a good time. Here are some of the guidelines that we see fit:

  • The tournament is U15 only. This will allow us to focus on the kids and make sure they all have a great experience. Our definition of U16 is everybody who is under 15 years old. So if you have players that are 11 or 12 years old then they are welcome to join too.
  • We’ll follow boys rules, but girls are very welcome to mix in on a team too
  • We’ll play 6v6 Olympic Sixes on a grass field. If two teams agree they are allowed to adjust the player count in their game. Fx playing 8v8 if they have a big roster.
  • Teams are allowed to mark young/small kids with a “no contact” pennie. Instruct your players to not body- or stick-check “no contact” players. This is to allow everybody to have a good experience.
  • Because it can be difficult to find a goalie in U15, goalies are exempted from the U15 rule. But don't bring your senior national team goalie, please


The fields are located in Copenhagen.

Valby Idrætspark
Julius Andersens Vej 1

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It's an 8 minute train ride from the central station. Get off at Ny Ellebjerg station. The lines A, E and F stops at that station.

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